We are pleased to let you know that children in all classes throughout school will be involved in a project which we believe will contribute to all children, regardless of their age, making excellent progress. This project is called Reflection.

For the remainder of the summer term children will be trained in reflecting on their learning in school at the end of most lessons, giving high quality feedback to adults in school so that our pupils can:

  • Recognise what they have achieved in a lesson
  • Identify what they need to get better at for next time

Teachers and Teaching Assistants will be presenting children with certificates for their excellent examples of feedback and sending home special postcards in some cases. We will also have a special display in the downstairs corridor to show super examples of feedback.

And of course we would welcome your feedback during the project, and particularly when it finishes in July!

Below is a picture of children from St. Nicholas Priory presenting their work and understanding of reflection to head teachers and senior leaders at a conference at Queen’s Hill Primary School in  Norwich.

Whole School Priorities

Ensure assessment systems are in place that drive accelerated pupil progress, including effective use of data for planning and target setting and point of need intervention.

  • Develop consistently high expectations across the school leading to good behaviour for learning.
  • Ensure simple, clear, concise and consistent expectations are in place for teaching and learning and impacting on pupil progress.
  • Ensure leadership capacity continues to drive the strategic vision to positively impact on pupil progress and attainment.
  • Raise progress and attainment in Maths at least in line with if not better than ARE. Increase the percentage of children achieving above national including those in the disadvantaged group
  • Uphold the core values of the school to educate the whole child within the Christian ethos and values, developing the teaching of Religious Education and the participation of children in leading CW

Feedback project schedule

Priory Parent Forum – Feedback information