RE Carousel day, Wednesday 7th June 2017

This year, children from St Nicholas Priory CE VA Primary School enjoyed a variety of activities in the school’s second annual RE Carousel Day. All children from reception to year 6 came off timetable and were involved in music, sewing, gardening, dance, drama, craft, poetry, ICT and craft activities which enhanced their understanding of the Bible story of ‘Creation’ from the Book of Genesis chapter one.

The children were invited to choose four lessons that they wanted to do, each highlighting a different aspect of the story of ‘Creation’ for the children to discuss and learn about. In addition to the many arts and crafts created, a brilliant video using Minecraft showing the world being created was produced by the children and edited by Mr Parramint. The school has also begun to create a ‘Garden of Eden’ for the children to enjoy and take care of to highlight the importance of taking care of the world and all God’s creations.

Below you will find pictures taken throughout the day from the various activities. Please scroll left and right to see more.


Demonstrating Creation through Minecraft