Name Appointing Body Expiry of Term of Office Roles/Responsibilities Pecuniary/Business Interests
Jemma Sander-Heys Foundation 03.11.19 PCC of the Ecclesiastical Parish of Great Yarmouth;

Employment of John Stephens (Music Lead)

Carolyn Cliff Foundation 31.08.20 Chair of Faith in Life Committee; Safeguarding PCC Member;

Employed at the school as an MSA;

Training to be a TA at the school

Brett Butler Foundation 08.12.19 SEND; Chair of School Improvement Committee None
Alan Ting-Zhang Foundation 22.03.18 None
Harry Taylor Foundation 20.05.18 Chair of Governors Foundation Governor – Great Yarmouth High School
Sue Miller Co-opted 06.11.20 None
Beverlee Bolton-Debbage Foundation 25.11.18 Awaiting info
Jim Little Staff 02.10.20 None
Maria Grimmer Ex officio N/A Owner of the Kensington Hotel;

Uses Peninsula HR at hotel

Dee Kirk Co-opted 06.11.20 None
Andy Hudson Parent 12.10.20 None
Sharon Mramba Parent 04.10.20 Awaiting info
Arthur Hollis Foundation 13.09.20 Pupil Premium Deputy Chair of Great Yarmouth Grammar School Foundation;

Director of the Burlington Hotel

James Wright Foundation 31.08.20 Chair of Establishment Committee; Vice Chair of Governors 4th Millennium Systems Ltd
Sarah Bond Associate Governor – Establishment Committee
Grant Bolton-Debbage Associate Governor – Faith in Life Committee