Internet safety is part of Personal, Social, Health Economic (PSHE) education and Computing at St. Nicholas Priory CE VA Primary School and we believe that this is a key aspect of your child’s online and offline safety and well-being.

At St. Nicholas Priory we use Gooseberry Planet to engage with the children on aspects of Internet safety. Gooseberry Planet uses gaming technology to help children learn about internet safety. In the course of a familiar game, children are exposed to online issues requiring a response such as meeting strangers, bullying, grooming and sexual exploitation. Children love playing games and Gooseberry Planet is a fun way to present internet safety situations to them.

It can be very difficult to keep up with the trends and stay in touch with what online technologies students are using. Gooseberry Planet provides us with tips and alerts gathered from other other schools and shares these with us, helping us to keep abreast of changing issues that may affect our students. You can find these tips and alerts on our website – Alerts / Tips.