At St. Nicholas Priory we are proud to offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities that  will interest the majority of our children. Please find a list below of clubs available during the 2018 / 19.

Please see office staff if your child is interested in taking part in any of the clubs applicable to his/her year group.  Places are limited so if your child’s chosen club is full, his/her name will be added to a waiting list.



  • Performing Arts for KS2 pupils (year groups 3, 4, 5 & 6)
  • Girls Football for KS2 pupils
  • Multi-Skills for KS1 pupils (year groups 1 & 2)
  • Homework Club for all year groups




  • Boys Football for year groups 3 & 4
  • Boys Football for year groups 5 & 6
  • Homework Club for all year groups



  • Badminton for KS2 pupils
  • Hockey for KS2 pupils
  • Homework Club for all year groups


  • Chess for all year groups
  • Art Club for all year groups
  • Homework Club for all year groups


  • Netball for year groups 5 & 6
  • Football for KS1 pupils

Year 1 Multi-Skills

After a successful first half-term as a small group year 1 Friday Multi-Skills club is happy to welcome our new team players.

Last term we had fun exploring Football, Hockey, Dodgeball and many more sports.

Bring on this term #FridayFeeling

Miss. Howes & Mr. Dunn

KS1 Sports success

KS1 have had a fantastic start to the 2018/19 sporting school year, winning 1st place in the Premier Sport dodge ball morning at Caister Academy on Monday 8th October.

  • Riley ” I was so good I was the last one in catching all the balls getting my team back in”
  • Chloe “I love being a girl on this team”
  • Tyler “I am out because I dropped the ball but it’s OK my team are still good”
  • Goncalo “Even if we don’t win this one we still have 4 more games to play”
Miss Howes and the school are very proud of both teams.