Staying safe over a school holiday can be extra tricky, especially when it is Halloween. Please remember that not everyone wants to take part in the spooky fun. If you or your children have plans this Halloween please enjoy them safely and responsibly. Top Tricks for staying safer online this Halloween: Take and share spooky

Searching and browsing

Searching and web browsing online is a skill. Responsible and safer searching can help reduce inappropriate browsing and results. Choose a web browser and take time to secure and manage the settings. Securing what can be searched for and managing the results can help reduce the risk of inappropriate searching and content. Signing up to

Social Media

Social media plays a big part in sharing information quickly online. It can be difficult to know what to believe. If your child has seen something online or in the real world, take time to speak with them about it. This might be particularly important after an upsetting local, national or global event. Your child

New school

If your child is starting a new school or is meeting new classmates, they may wish to add them as online friends. Speak to your child about the safest way to be friends with people online. Encourage your child to take time to get to know new students in real life first. Remind your child


Holidays can be great to catch up with friends online and download the latest apps and games. Take the lead and make time to talk to your child about their life online and remind them of safer ways to behave. Review privacy settings and Friend Lists. Talk to your child about safe sharing and model