“AdultSwine” Malware

The BBC have reported this week about users unknowingly downloading pornographic malware through some children’s apps available on the Google Play store. The “AdultSwine” malware displays explicit pornographic adverts that pop up in apps. Infected apps include add-ons for the hugely popular pocket edition of Minecraft as well as apps themed around familiar Disney characters.


In an attempt to promote being ‘nicer online’, Facebook has recently acquired an app called ‘tbh’ (to be honest). This is a free and anonymous app that is already in use by over 5 million users in the US on iOS devices but we predict it is only a matter of time before it hits


Gooseberry Planet have had several enquiries and been alerted to an incident of grooming, in an app called Sarahah. This is an anonymous feedback app, which is being used to bully people online. It is also used to befriend and groom. Sarahah syncs with Snapchat and other forms of social media. Users collect personal information


This social networking app randomly connects users with people using Snapchat for a short live video chat, with the option of adding the person on Snapchat to continue the connection. Before connecting, users can see the ‘alleged’ age and gender of the potential ‘friend’ and can choose to accept the video chat or not. Be

Snap Map

Snap Map, an OPTIONAL feature of Snap Chat, allows users to post public ‘snaps’ on a public interactive map. Snap Map allows people to search for places and view the images posted in that location. Please take a moment to think about the consequences of children posting at school or on the way to school

Random Chat Rooms, Apps and Websites

Gooseberry Planet have been contacted by several schools raising awareness and sharing their current concerns regarding Online Grooming and inappropriate contact online. Children are unknowingly putting themselves at risk by downloading and accessing free chat rooms, apps and websites that support random messaging, voice and video chat. This type of Social Networking promotes random and

‘Be Kind’ campaign

Gooseberry Planet are proud to support ITV’s This Morning programme with their ‘Be Kind’ campaign. Please pledge your support by watching the 10 minute video with your children. Click and share the accredited link to learn about the consequences of bullying both on and offline. Use this as an opportunity to talk to children about


An Artificial Intelligence (AI) social networking chat bot app that learns from conversations, questions and user’s responses. This free app is full of pop ups and adverts, it asks personal questions and you can talk about anything and anyone and then share it publicly. It is easy to see how and why users misuse this