Year 5 trips

Trip 1: To launch Year 5’s project, ‘Who are the architects of the future?’, the year group undertook an ‘architecture hunt’ around Great Yarmouth and looked at how buildings have changed over time. We visited Anna Sewell House as an example of Tudor architecture, travelled around the Town Wall, explored Greyfriars Cloisters and finally looked

GY7 Football morning, May 2019

On Friday 10th May Y3 & Y4 took 3rd place at the GY7 football morning with only one point away from 2nd place. The girls were incredibly strong, holding their own and didn’t loose any of their games. We also saw a cracking goal scored by Preston from his defending position! Well done to both teams!

Priory’s New P.E. Kit

As of January 2019, the school P.E kit was changed. Children are to be wearing the below kit for all forms of P.E and games lessons. A reminder to say that all items of jewellery are to be removed before lessons and long hair is to be tied back.  *Plimsolls are not to be worn. 

High5 Netball County finals

On Monday, our team of 7 girls secured their place in the High5 netball county final qualifier held at Flegg, Martham. All of the girls presented themselves well on and off the court. Showing respect for the umpires and opposing teams. Unlike 7 a side netball, the girls had to rotate positions, playing in both

GY7 Dodgeball morning

Another Friday, another GY7 dodgeball morning.  Y5/Y6 have joined Y3 & Y4 by taking 1st place in their dodgeball tournament. Significant strengths were shown when throwing the balls to hit opponents out.   BIG well done team! 

KS2 Cross Country

On Friday 15th March 24 KS2 pupils competed in a GY7 Cross Country morning at North Denes. Despite the rain everyone gave it 100% with all children coming in the top 8 runners! They celebrated with a hot chocolate and cupcakes from Mrs Grimmer to warm up and say well done.